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Inktober is a daily challenge created by Jake Parker for artists spanning the month of October.  The challenge is simple:  artists must create a different drawing from a single-word prompt every day. Check out Inktober here!

Protober is a daily challenge created by Alif Harsan for game developers also spanning the month of October. The challenge is to come up with a new gameplay idea / prototype every day. Check out Alif's Protober here!

As someone who develops games and enjoys art, I'm going to try my hand at both at the same time!


1. Leave My Reef

Click the human's legs to see how fast you can poison them!

2. Us

Hugs are a pretty tranquil experience! Grab your favourite person and each find a random letter key assigned to the corresponding characters to make them hug!

3. 10-Second Toaster

A prototype made by Sebastian Scaini; The art was drawn as part of Inktober.

4. Baldr's Sausagefest

Baldr the chicken is bloodthirsty for some sausages. Feed him and make him the ultimate battle chicken!

5. Bottle 

Guide the drunk sailor to the end of the bottle for some ~sweet booty~. Watch out for pirates!

StatusIn development
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Leave My Reef! 15 MB
Us 15 MB
10 Second Toaster (Ink Version) 17 MB
Baldr's Sausagefest 15 MB
Bottle 15 MB

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